Our Body Scrubs are made in-house from pure ingredients like Chocolate, Honey, Olive Oil, Yogurts, Essential Oils, Oats, Coffee, Red Wine, etc. They are completely organic and do not contain any Chemicals or Preservatives.

All Skin Types Body Treatment :

Sensual Red Wine Scrub (40 Min.) INR 2,900*

Antioxidant – Prevents Ageing – Restores Collagen – Lightens Skin Pigmentation

The antioxidants in Red Wine protect your skin and prevent it from aging. This luxurious scrub gives a refreshing glow to the skin while removing tan and blemishes. It also helps to keep the skin clean, soft and supple. Ideal for all skin types.

Chocolate Delight Scrub (40 Min.) INR 2,900*

Antioxidant – Fights Free Radical Damage –Ideal for Extra Sensitive Skin

Pamper your skin with deliciously rich chocolate which has antioxidant properties to help fight free radicals and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, soft and glowing and basking in the aromas of chocolate for a purely enticing chocolate spa experience.

Tropical Coffee Scrub (40 Min.) INR 2,900*

Detox – Exfoliates – Soft Velvety Skin

Pure honey mixed with coffee beans and olive oil helps to detoxify, exfoliate, stimulate and refresh the entire body. The caffeine in coffee minimizes fine lines and protects against the loss of moisture making it ideal for anti ageing. Leaves your skin feeling velvety soft, smooth and radiant.

Aromatic Jasmine Sugar Scrub (40 Min.) INR 2,900*

Gentle Exfoliation- Heals & Hydrates

This scrub is for gentle exfoliation. Using an exfoliating sugar scrub can help you achieve smooth skin and more. The healing, hydrating properties found in a sugar scrub are perfect for all skin types. This scrub leaves your skin soft and hydrated with a lingering sweet floral aroma, engaging the senses for a relaxing and calming experience.

Vanilla Chai Scrub (40 Min.) INR 2,900*

Hydrates – Removes Dead Skin Cells – Radiant & Glowing

This Vanilla Chai Scrub offers the goodness of tea leaves, vanilla essential oil, cinnamon, honey and coconut oil. It helps in hydrating dry skin, reducing puffiness, treating acne, preventing early ageing and removing dead skin cells. It helps in restoring shine and suppleness to the skin leaving it radiant and glowing.

Thai Herbal Wrap (45 Min.) INR 3,800*

Removes Impurities – Heals Blemishes – Instant Glow

The healing properties of Thailand’s mineral rich mud remain both a mystery and a secret. This recipe of Thai white mud, milk, turmeric, herbs and sesame oil smells divine and feels soft and silky when applied to the skin. Your body is wrapped in a plastic sheet, topped with towels while the creamy Thai mud concoction draws out any infection and impurities from the body and heals blemishes on the skin’s surface.

Traditional Javanese Lulur (2.5 Hours) INR 7,800*

Pre-bridal Treatment – Body Massage – Body Polishing – Honey & Milk Jacuzzi – Suitable For All Skin Types

The queen of treatments, this spice and yoghurt exfoliation and body polishing process has been a daily ritual in palaces of Central Java. Today the Javanese Lulur is usually administered each day during the week prior to one’s wedding day. This traditional treatment includes a massage, a spice-wrapped, yoghurt coated body blitz and a blossom filled jacuzzi bath combined with honey and milk. It is an aromatic experience suitable for all skin types.

-A Complimentary Beverage is offered with all treatments.

-Foot Bath and Steam Bath are offered with all Full Body Oil Massages.

*Prices are Exclusive of Government Taxes

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