Added Indulgence in The Jacuzzi (with romantically lit candles on the sides)

Jacuzzi (30 Min)

Soak up luxuriously in our Jacuzzi infused with Bath Salts and Rose Petals. Our Super smelling Fragrant Bath Salts help to release muscle tension, enhance blood circulation, disinfect skin, cleanse toxins from the body and help revitalize it

Choose from your favourite Bath Salts :

Rose-Aroma Floral Bath Salt (30 Min) Soft, Floral, Delicate Single or Double INR 2,100*
Refreshing Mint Bath Salt (30 Min) Fresh, Cool, Mint Fragrance, Refreshing Single or Double INR 2,100*
Lavender Bath Salt (30 Min) Soothing, Aromatic, Relaxing Single or Double INR 2,100*
Honey & Milk Purifying Bath (30 Min) Softening, Cleopatra – style Bath Single or Double INR 2,100*

-A Complimentary Beverage is offered with all treatments.

-Foot Bath and Steam Bath are offered with all Full Body Oil Massages.

*Prices are Exclusive of Government Taxes